Create a new thread for each dog.

When posting please check these if applicable:

Please specify if the dogs need is urgent. Specify whether the dog is in need of being pulled from animal control/SPCA (urgent). If a foster is needed please specify what location of the foster is.

Here are some examples of what should be included if applicable:

• The dogs current situation/location (are they in the county animal control/spca, etc.)
• Provide contact number or location of facility that the dog is in (IE: if the dog is in a shelter, specify which shelter)
• What you know about the dog--their temperament (if known), age, breed if mix.
• What condition the dog is in. (Their health) Are they special needs?
• If the dog is in a shelter please list (if you know) if the shelter is a kill or no kill shelter. If it is a kill shelter please include URGENT in the title.
• If dog is a kill shelter pull, list how long the dog has left. (do not fabricate)

The first word in the title should include either
Foster or Shelter Pull, then the breed and location.


Foster -- Papillon -- Florida
• Shelter Pull -- Papillon mix/chihuahua -- Florida
If shelter is a kill/high kill shelter please list URGENT before Shelter Pull.
• ex: URGENT -- Shelter Pull - Papillon -- Florida

Please update thread if dog has been pulled/placed in a foster home. ​Dog can then be listed in Available Dog section.