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Thread: He's home!

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    He's home!

    He's a bundle of fun (and energy, I'm so tired!).

    He is anxious about being left alone... I'm sure he will get more independent soon.


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    Re: He's home!

    He's very cute.
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    Re: He's home!

    Quote Originally Posted by MojoPap View Post
    He's very cute.
    Thanks mojopap, he is! He is so full of energy!

    Got about six hours sleep last night total as kept having to wake up to let him out to do his business. It was more than the first night though so I guess we are making progress.

    Going to try giving him some cottage cheese to help his ears go up.

    Looking forward to many years ahead with him.

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    Re: He's home!

    He is very cute indeed.

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    Re: He's home!

    he is very cute, it's so fun
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