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Thread: What to ask for at the groomers?

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    What to ask for at the groomers?

    I have a 4 yo Papillon Mix (not sure what she's mixed with!) I am taking her to the groomers in a few weeks, as her coat has gotten a bit long for her and I don't feel comfortable doing it myself. I would like a little bit of a shorter "summer cut" but I'd obviously still love her to have that Papillon look. Anything specific I should ask for/ avoid? (besides the obvious "don't cut the ear fringe & tail!")

    I'm new to the Papillon world, as I just adopter her a few months ago, so any advice is appreciated!

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    Re: What to ask for at the groomers?

    I usually do what is called the "lion cut" which should leave the head and tail hair intact but give the rest of the body a shavedown. I would recommend making sure to verbally note an additional time not to touch the ears at all.

    Congrats on the new baby!!
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