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Thread: Ears won't stay symmetrical. Help!

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    Ears won't stay symmetrical. Help!

    Hello, our 6 month old Papillon bought from a well known breeder has a pedigree. We expected him to have ears standing up, because he is registered as a Papillon and not as a Phalene. However, now at six months old, his ears won't make up their mind. One is permanently down while the other is stays perfectly up. It wouldn't bother us if he turned out to be a Phalene, however a pedigree dog with one ear standing up and one ear down is neither a Phalene or Papillon. Cottage cheese, yogurt and massages don't seem to do the trick. He is losing his teeth at the moment, maybe that is problem. Could anyone help us? What should we do?

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    Re: Ears won't stay symmetrical. Help!

    Yes, they will sometimes go and up and down while they are teething. If registered in the US, a Pap is a Pap. They are not registered separately as Phalenes, no matter which way their ears go. If you are not showing it doesn't affect their ability to be a wonderful pet and companion, and they could still compete in performance events like obedience and agility, even if they have odd ears.
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