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Thread: rapid eye dialation and recession

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    rapid eye dialation and recession

    So less than an hour ago, Lucy bit the **** out of me. As in drew blood filletted the skin. But what I was more so worried about was her pupils were dilating and retracting. We had been outside, and my Fiancee's grandmother had come over, and kind of antagonizing her. But she normally doesn't bite us.

    Especially not me, well she bared her teeth as LaShawnna, my fiancee, while LaShawnna's back was turned and I got her and sat her in my lap. I had noticed her eyes dilating and took her outnof the sun and they keptndoing it. She seemed to forget who I was and bit me, seemed to recognize me, and then lose recognition again. Lucy has done this before where she seems to get confused and snapped/ bit LaShawnna several times as well as my sister growing up.

    We know she has behavioral.problems, but the dilalating scared me. Like I was shaking when she bit me (and went over my hand another time) not because of her bite. I was afraid of something wrong with her. Has anyone heard of any possible neurological or social problems like thiss? I'm really afraid for our baby.

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    Re: rapid eye dialation and recession

    This really is something that needs to be reported to your vet, or by seeing a specialist. Asking for advice online for a serious issue is likely to get you more confused and worried with all sorts of well meant, but conflicting advice.
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    Re: rapid eye dialation and recession

    I have herd about this issue before, I will talk to a friend of mine who has experienced this and if I get answers, I will come back and post them here.

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