I had expected that I'd be getting a little boy; I had reserved one over a month ago. When I got to the breeder today, she had bathed him and got him ready. I was a little disappointed with his progress. I live about two hours away so it wasn't easy to make visits. He seemed really distressed by everything; whining constantly. Since it was a long ride there, the breeder made coffee for my daughter and me so we could stay a while. She took the other puppies out and we played with them. There were two boys and two girls in this litter; the other boy is sold and one of the girls is sold. The breeder's pick of the litter was one of the two girls; she was still available. The other little girl was chosen because she had more brown - they are tri-colored - the people who bought her wanted more color variation, didn't care about show potential.

My daughter and I played with the available girl for a while and it turns out, she was more confident than the boy I'd reserved. The breeder thought she was a better puppy and it was ok with her that I changed my mind.

It was a long drive home. It's cold and rainy here so she didn't do anything outside. We set up her crate and she's been in there for a while with the door open. She seems like she's just overwhelmed. I just want to be sure she drinks something; we got her to drink a little a couple hours ago. I want to be able to get her to play some tonight. It's 6:00PM now and she's just zonked. Anxiety, I'm sure.

She's barely eight weeks old. I am in and out of my house and can take her with me often but I do have some three hour work shifts coming up. She hasn't been started on house training. She was in a large crate with her mother and litter mates. That stretch of time worries me some.

For about a month, I'd been kicking names around for the boy - we're Swedish and going to Sweden in August to visit family so I was concentrating on Swedish names. My daughter and I decided on Milo - (Mee-lo) although I knew it would get pronounced MY-lo. I wrote out some more boy names this morning and on the way we changed our mind to Mikko. During the drive, I told my daughter how my parents raised beagles before I was born. I remember their pair, Flicka (girl) and Pojke (boy). Flicka was the only one I remember; Pojke died when I was a toddler. When we decided to get the girl, my daughter and I laughed about how we needed to go through names again - then she said, "Easy! Flicka!" So there it is, her name is Flicka.

Anyway. This is very exciting. She's positively adorable. I have an older cat who is doing his best to make her feel at home. If I could figure out pictures, I'll post some.