O.k For some back ground information- some of it the reason why my lovely Lucy, my fiancee, and I are treading this slippery slope that is getting easier and easier , but I would love some help.

Lucy is roughly 7 years old and. Originally my mom's dog. She was super shy when she first brought her home but sadly shortly after there was an accident (Lucy jumping onto something and then off of it onto our hardfloors) and she broke her hind leg. For most of her puppy hood we were forced to crate her, only letting her out on a leash into the back yard. Which leashed trained her pretty well, but highly unsocialized. I was a little girl and my mom had two other kids and worked- not excuses but between her having to be kept up because of her leg (the vet told us these strict instructions) she barked and freaked out to a rediculous point if people came over.

Even snapping at my grandparents if they patted my mom's knee (Iw think they lightly antoganized her though, she was not exactly possessive just barky and distressed when people would come over). We (my family) moved to Ohio into a new home and her neurotic barking towards people and temperament became slightly better. Her coat was also much more healthy (highly sensitive to fleas her coat never grew in, we tried every flea meds even prescribed by the vet for it and she was still tormented in texas), In Ohio it was a little less. She still barked constantly and never trusted people coming into the house- never attacking only scared. She would hide behind my mom's or my legs while she did it. Eventually she would calm down but if they got up and came back it was all over again. And she never got used to people even if they came over every day.

With us, she was primarily attached to mom and I, loved to play like a puppy chase her toys ect. Not really one to sit in your lap but beside you. T we rifled stiff in the bath tub, guard outside and wait for you if you were going to the bathroom. We got an Aussie puppy, yo our relief Lucy LOVED the puppy. Whined if she was afraid someone was going to step on the puppy, taught the puppy.to climb up the steps when it would cry at the bottom. All was ok, until Penny (the puppy) got. Bigger and started to be too rough, would go and gobble up lucy's food (Lucy leaves her bowl when she is full and nibbles on her portioned food through the day but began scaring and nearly throwing up because she felt rushed). My family did try to keep Penny from her food but she would knock down gates ect and eventually we figured out a way to get around Penny. By then Lucy was slightly traumatized and even slightly food agressive now (for obvious reasons).

Now my family has always been a bit short with Lucy because of her bad socialization and thus problem dog. I always felt they did not try enough different techniques or cared and just got annoyed with her. She did bite my sister at random moments but we think that was because when Mady was little she would push way past Lucy's boundaries til she bit (not after getting bit just not understanding her signals) so Lucy would now lucy would give little warnings randomly with her.

So we move into a bigger house and I get my own room again, Lucy now sleeps in my room and basicly becomes my responsibility. Penny is still a bit of a bully now much bigger than Lucy, only sometimes it is bully sometimes Penny is being a very hyper puppy when Lucy wants to be left alone so lucy Takes shelter in my room. At this point, she is more in printed on me than mom, not staying with mom in a room if I'm not there and scratching at my door into my room even if penny is outside wanting to be with me. I added to the tension between lucy and penny now I see because I always expected catastrophe randomly because Penny would not leave Lucy alone when she wanted to be. Parents I feel are still tense with Lucy, growing even and not nearly as much with Penny in my.opinion. I understand lucy has some problems but I felt like I was constantly having to fight for her side.

I move out when I graduate, sadly having to leave Lucy because of several reasons. Lucy's relationship with penny grows a bit but mom says Lucy became.more snappish with humans. I think it is because My brother would just throw her in a crate and leave her there to cry but I wasn't there, I don't know. But eventually she is turned over to my sister who tech. Owns Penny and they seem.to get along but there are incidents of lucy biting her over misund e standings. It is hard for my.family to.travel, because of their busy life their dogs have to be sat and no one can get close to lucy really. So yes. Many times through lucy's life I was afraid of them putting her down. My family are dog people- we raised Aussie professionally for years before giving it up. But I knew they lost their patients with lucy a lot even if they loved her.

Now months after I moved out, my family is traveling to see family in texas and Have both dogs around Christmas. They ask if they cover the fees dealing with her (because of our landlords) if we take her and give us a 100 prepaid gifts card for her doggie stuff they dint bring. (they had food,crate and her fav ball). Any who, to.my relief she recognized me immediately and was happy. She barked very little at my fiancee (to my.wonderful surprise) but was still stressed and distrustful towards her. We had sever bad in scents, but lucy came remarcably.far and getting closer to.my.fiancee within these few months than I had seen her to.my.siblings in her whole life. Also, her mouth was bothering her we learned as she would.randomly get very grouchy and snappish out of no.where. dings fixes this mostly and minties, she sometimes doesn't feel.gold and doesn't want to be pet and we respect that. But she has been the happiest and even her coat is coming in stronger than I have seen her.

Our main goals now are:
Clipping hher nails- she is very snappish and almost to the point of injuring herself horribly when we even trynto.touch her feet all her life. My family has learned to use her stiffness in the bath as a chance to clip them but even then it is difficult. Any tips?

Barking to strangers/ just people who we do nnot live with coming into the home- on.walks and out of her territory she does not bark nearly as much/ at all sometimes when she sees people.

Continuing to build this amazingly remarkable.relationship with my fiancee- she sometimes does not signal before going to nip bit lately usually is. But still I Want tips that I might not know. She whines when LaShawnna leaves the house or goes outside without her, will.sit in her lap and come to her. Will play enthusiastic loves to be loved on by her. But no picking up, LaShawnna is the one who walks her and we interchange on feeding and giving Lucy her treats.

More training especially on how to teach lucy to use a puppy pad, we have had a few accidently because of whether conditions or her not tell us she needs to go out.

She puts. Up with her crate at nights but doesn't like being in it.

We WIll be getting a new puppy (shiba inu within roughly.4 months I think). We know.Lucy still likes other dogs and.made sure to.fit a breed under 20 pounds so she won't be too over sized (ex a pit bull, aussie, golden retriever). She likes puppies still *(whines for the ones we.see through the fence when we walk her). But I want her to not feel.pushed aside or any possible.trauma that Penny might have caused not be brought back/ come to the surface with us getting this puppy. We want her to feel lived and enjoy the other dog. She loves to play like a puppy herself and plan to placate to her previous problems for both her and the puppies sake. Even if they are basic tips we have researched for hours we would love them!

Lucy hates harnesses but I want her on one for her own health, the puppy is immediately being trained into one when we get her. Lucy is great on.collar.on leash but I feel harnesses will be better for.her (she sometimes chokes herself or.wraps her legs even with the retractable.collar and that makes.me nervouse).

Lucy is doing so much better I just wish I could.have given her this amount of relaxation and tension earlier in her life. She even sits in my lap now and is much more affectionate/ less stressed and I want to keep it that way.

Sorry T.T this post is so long but I thought this info was necisarry. Lucy acts like the normal happy-adorably inelegant loving papillon now except the social problems towards people and I hope to.resolve them.as well.for.her own stress levels.