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    Papillon puppy

    Hi! I've recently gotten a female papillon puppy a week ago. Every time I have to lock her up she cries, screams and howls. Will she stop doing this? What can I do to help? Thanks!

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    Re: Papillon puppy

    Hey there Mrs_walshyy, welcome by the way!!! Would love to see some pictures of your new little one.

    Puppies will generally cry when placed in their crate for a short while. To get through it as fast as you can try your hardest not to give in and let the puppy out of the crate once she is inside until you actually do want her out.

    If you can, try during the day placing her inside with a toy or appropriate busy chew toy to reinforce positive association with her crate. She should associate it as her safe haven, not a place of punishment. Try 10-15 minute increments and resist letting her out. Eventually she will realize that crying will not get her the desired results which are to be let out on her own accord.

    Crating is an important and necessary thing. You may need to do this when having people in your house whether for entertaining or because you need something serviced as well you may need to crate her during travel or in the car. So it's important even if you don't plan to crate her as an adult on a regular basis to be comfortable in her crate.

    If you are having trouble dealing with the crying because of guilt or because it's plain old distracting try crating for short periods of time when you may need to go outside to get the mail or when you are in the shower.

    Puppies and dogs not used to crates can put on a wild show including biting the top of the cage and literally dangling themselves with the mouth from the top of the crate. I have fostered dogs before and all fosters needed to be taught crate training. I had many that put on wild shows--dangling themselves from the top of the crate by biting it, biting at the sides. It can look scary and you may become worried that they will hurt themselves. Be as calm as possible when crate training and try to refrain from acting alarmed if they do any crazy tantrums that are physical such as digging or biting at the crate. If she is physically throwing a tantrum don't give in but watch her closely incase her mouth or paw does get trapped as you will want to be able to free her before she gets hurt. Though if she is just actually holding on with her own free will and throwing a tantrum don't give in.

    I hope this is helpful. Please keep us updated on your progress and just be consistent and she will be crate trained quickly (usually within a week or two with consistent training).
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