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Thread: Spaying and Teeth removal?

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    Spaying and Teeth removal?

    My baby Blossom needs to get spayed in january. I've heard that they can be sensitive during the surgery to anesthesia and am a little bit worried. She was born May 25 2014 and the vet also found she has a set of double teeth on top. He recommends that we remove the teeth at the same time, and also says that she shouldn't need a cone. I am a bit worried with that statement if she's going to rip her stitches open, she almost destroyed her id tag because of the jingliness in the first 2 days, and scratches very intensely, I am worried with her personality that she'll rip the stitches open. Our vet said that usually the girls are okay with it, but did your paps open the stitches when spayed or neutered?

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    Re: Spaying and Teeth removal?

    The stitches are usually at the umbilicus, and an area they just can't reach with teeth or feet. The area will be tender, so she probably wouldn't want to mess with it either. Only one or two stitches are needed. She should be fine without a cone.

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