Please create a new thread for each available dog. Provide any information you can--basic information that should be included:

At least one picture of each dog listed. (The more the better!) is an easy picture uploader to use.
Location dog is currently being fostered.
Dogs age, health, temperament. If the dog has had experience with other dogs, cats, children.
What the adoption/rehoming fee will be.
What breed and approx. mix if dog is not purebred Papillon.
Requirements for household/adopter.

In addition:
It is not necessary for the dog to be a Papillon or Papillon mix to be listed. Please make sure to post the breed in the title of the thread if it is not a Papillon, also be sure to mention in the title if it is a Papillon mix or purebred Papillon.

Examples of title format would be:

(breed - coloring - age - location)

Purebred Papillon - Red/white - 2yr - Florida

Papillon Mix/chihuahua - fawn - 2yr - Florida

Rottweiler - black/tan - 2yr - Florida

Please update thread if dog has been adopted.