My pap is almost 4 years old. When she was a puppy she would want to play with the neighbors big dog. She was not afraid of him but he could not stand her she barked and barked . She loved going out to him. One day she darted out of the house with out her collar. A man was walking two large dogs. She went up to them full force and they groweled at her. She came running back. We then went traveling for a year. From time to time she showed her aggression. My neice told me to turn her on her side and gently press her neck untill dhe calmed down. It worked but have still had to do it. She has snapped at my husband if he trys to get her. So i do the procedure with her. She dont bite me but afraid she would my husband. He dont realize his strength if hes upset. But i have told him say NO. She loves him tho. She just wants to do things her way. Then there is the issue of other dogs. I have tried to introduce her to other dogs and she trys to bite them first. She acts like she wants to play but dont know how. I got a 5 month od mae yorkie. The first day i tried to walk them my daughter had the pup. She just barked and carried on wanting to get the pup. Kept them appart ant the next day let them out and she would try to get close to him and he growelled at her . She kept pussing and he took off at her fussing. Lol kinda shocked her and they play from then on. Just do not know what to do at the dog park. Im a senior i need help.