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Thread: fear of heights?

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    fear of heights?

    I am in need of some serious help. I have a 15 mth old male that I got when he was 6 myths.and I think he is afraid of heights. He doesn't mind being held when I'm sitting but he stiffens up when I'm standing. When I put him on the table he becomes immovable and leans back. We have been in several shows where he would have placed better had he behaved better on the table. I've started using attackers, so that may help. I have to say that he is not food oriented at all! Food means nothing to him. Any suggestions?

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    Re: fear of heights?

    Does he have a favorite toy? If you have a table you can practice on at home, any table. Use food,toys, a favorite bed even if you can get him to just be comfortable at a height. Have him lay down at first and work you way up to getting him to stand. Pet, praise, and cuddle if you have to at first, until he gets more relaxed with it. Mojo likes to face out when I am holding him while standing, while his daughter, Rose prefers to face me and snuggle with her head against my chest or on my shoulder.
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