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Thread: Suggestion on car seat please

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    Suggestion on car seat please

    So we will be driving 5 hours to attend on event and family gathering by the end of November. It will be Hero's first long car trip and most friends here suggested he needs a car seat. So far we saw some good choices on this site but thought to ask any of your recommendation or tips:
    He stays on someone's lap on our usual drive around and never exceeds an hour. He never had a problem before but what to expect on longer journey? Any thoughts would be appreciated, thanks.

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    Re: Suggestion on car seat please

    I use a harness for Max. Something similar to this.

    Once the car gets moving, Max usually just curls up on the seat and falls asleep.

    Here's one at the site you posted from
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    Re: Suggestion on car seat please

    Hero usually love to watch outside almost the entire during our short trips then get very sleepy at home. Thanks for the tip, he's doing good at harness so hope this might not bother him.

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    Re: Suggestion on car seat please

    I know this is a little late but.... This is what we have for Sully. It's got lots of room for him to lay out in and it keeps him up where he can see everything. The seat is held in with the seat belt and he's tethered to the seat.

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    Re: Suggestion on car seat please

    Harnesses are great as pointed above but I prefer Cabin dog seat for zik.

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