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Thread: Question about papillon temperament

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    Re: Question about papillon temperament

    Thanks for replying. I was concerned at first but now it doesn't sound bad at all.
    I'm still doing research on breeders and their lines. I emailed one last night with some questions...

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    Re: Question about papillon temperament

    My pap is quite okay with being alone, but not more than 4-5 hours(unless she's sleeping, of course) and usually if I go to the bathroom, I'll spot a little black nose popping through and some sniffing whining noises.
    My pap is quite independent, but always accepts a cuddle, or some play time. She prefers to be with me, of course than alone, but if i ignore her she usually just goes away and naps, or watches me from the couch.
    When she was about 4 months old, she snuck into the foyer and chewed up all our shoes for an hour! She didn't mind and we thought she was napping, so if a papillon finds something interesting, it WILL be ocupied and you might not even notice its gone.
    In my experience, my pap pup is a nice mix of couch cuddler and lap napping expert and sneaky independent sweetheart. As i write this, she's taking short naps on the couch, watching me across the kitchen doing her own thing

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