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    Hi there, when on a lead/long line Dexter walks fine and will respond to this way and if close do "here" too.

    But when off the lead, occasionally he will respond to "this way" but he doesn't get "here" at all.

    I dunno if you have any tips for me. I have two older dogs who are perfectly behaved off lead so dunno if I'm just asking too much for a puppy?

    He's seven months old.

    If I am, anyone give me any idea when he should start responding properly off lead or is it just practice makes perfect?

    Please ask me anything you feel you need to.

    This is really the only thing he needs training for.


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    Re: Recall

    Practice, and lots of positive reinforcement. Treats, toys, or just lots of loving and fussing when he does right.

    Mojo responds to "come", "front", and "with me". Whatever words you use, just be consistent. For heeling we just use "heel" or "get close", our trainer likes to use the word "strut" for her dogs when heeling.
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    Re: Recall

    It's never to early to start training. And as Nancy said, consistency & practice.

    Start recall at a short distance. As Dexter responds, lengthen the distance. Always give positive reinforcement when he comes (toy, treat, cuddles). He gets nothing if he doesn't respond. Just keep at it!
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    Re: Recall

    ^ What they said!! For sure!

    But it takes a long time to develop a reliable recall.....and you and I are the proud owners of "teenagers!!!" (Bravo is 9mos old next week). Teenagers fancy themselves as "independent thinkers" LOL!!!

    The only place Bravo is off leash is in a fenced-in area!!! He is TOTALLY unreliable & a hot mess!!!

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    Re: Recall

    It does take a lot of consistency and practice.

    I had met another papillon and his owner back when Cali was maybe five or six months old, and his owner said he was three years old and his recall still wasn't completely solid even though they worked on it consistently and still were. In fact, I had to hold Cali and hide away while he was doing his agility run since she didn't want to risk him running out since she didn't think she could trust his recall when there was another papillon around.

    Cali, on the otherhand, is still not reliable. Even if she was, I don't think I'd ever be completely comfortable with her being off leash in a non-fenced area... due to her size mainly. She is pretty good about coming though, especially if she knows I have a treat hidden away in my pocket.

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    Re: Recall

    Hi all,

    Thanks very much.

    I'll continue to train and use my best instinct. He is good at staying when I tell him to just mostly doesn't understand the coming back to me when I call. We have only had him a month and a half though.

    The only places he would be going regularly would be a fenced field and a forest. Occasionally a beach.

    Since he's going to stay entire I will keep him on his flexi unless no other dogs in the field and/or I feel I have the same trust I have with the other dogs.
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    Re: Recall

    with nici she has never needed a lead, she always stays at my heels except when sniffing a spot then unless she found a really interesting spot then i lost her but she was back at my heels when i called her to me. Lucius can go in the front yard and is pretty responsive to com and his name when walking he is on a coupler with nici because they can't be off lead but he'll start trying to wrestle with nici after a few times of the n word he straighten up he gets off lead time when not around traffic he is also fairly responsive to come and he name but to heel hat is a work in progress....

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