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    This was my dog Dakota. He was a Mastiff, Rott, and G. Shepherd mix, and was around 130 pounds. He was a gentle giant, and was always sweet and playful. Thought he was a lapdog! He saw me through my high school years, moving out of my parents home (he was the hardest one to leave). He passed away at 7 years old due to his thyroid failing. When my (step) sister called me in a panic that he was going down, I was the one to take him to the vet. He went peacefully in my arms. I miss my Kota! He would have adored Jinx!

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    Re: Dakota

    He looked like a happy boy! Sounds to have been a typical big dog, I think all the large dogs I know consider themselves a lapdog. Very sorry to hear that he passed at a young age, but it sounds like they were years well-lived and well-loved.

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