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Thread: Thinking of getting a papillion?

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    Thinking of getting a papillion?


    Didn't want to sign up, if this doesn't happen. However I do need advice.
    I'm thinking of getting a second dog, we currently have a typical Cairn Terrier, who has been used to a bossy elderly westie, whom has sadly passed over the rainbow bridge. As well as growing up with various different breeds, ranging from chow chow - to a german shepherd, as my mother puppy walked for guide dog's
    However there are a few issues, that I'm concerned about. The terrier came to us as puppy, however I was thinking of getting a rescue dog, so need to be absolutely sure that the breed we rescue is 200% correct for us.
    I have my 2yr niece over 3days a week, as my sister works, my 12yr nephew after school (though he's used to large dogs), plus the terrier, I work from home, so that's not an issue. Plus another sister's children who are under 4yrs, though they only come round a few times a year.
    From all those we've looked at the Papillion took the family's attention. As a large breed would be too much for me to take on, due to back issues.

    So any advice from those experienced with this breed. Granted I not really a toy dog person (please don't shoot me ), however if this breed is more than suitable for my household, I'll happily take one in.

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    Re: Thinking of getting a papillion?

    i don't have much experience but i've always been a big dog person. i've had a collie, a lab mix & my dad has a boxer. Papillon's are big dogs, stuck in a little dogs body. They have that big dog personality.

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    Re: Thinking of getting a papillion?

    My niece was just a little over 2 when I got Max. While she wasn't over 2x a week, she was over often. I have found Max to be wonderful with young long as the child knows how to behave around a puppy/dog. My niece knew NOT to pull the tail & years. To approach gently, etc....

    As Sophie'sMom said, papillons are small dogs with BIG personalities & hearts. Chances are if you are rescuing, you will get a larger size papillon too.

    Good luck and if it works out I hope we see you as a regular member!
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    Re: Thinking of getting a papillion?

    Bravo LOVES kids (I'm luke-warm about them, LOL!!).

    I protect that affection he has for kids - I don't leave him unsupervised for a second with kids. I've taught the kids how to throw a ball for him, how to pet him, and when he goes in his kennel, he is not to be disturbed at all.

    I don't think Paps need any MORE supervision around children than any dog deserves (especially any of the toy breeds).

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