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Thread: Help me name!

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    Help me name!

    Hi, so I will most likelyyyy be getting a Papillon puppy within the next year.

    It will be male and I suspect he will be sable or red. May be black.

    So basically, have to wait to see the puppy to know what colour.

    Anyway, my current dogs have five letters, two syllables and begin with P and R.

    So I'm thinking I'd like an unusual name, two syllables, begins with N, Q or T with five letters.

    Though I'm really thinking about Yoshi although it doesn't fit one condition. (After the little green dinosaur)

    Any ideas ?
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    Re: Help me name!

    I love the name Yoshi. I can't really think of anything that would fit all of your criteria though!

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    Re: Help me name!

    Ahhh so exciting! We are getting a new Papillon foster and we have to think of a name. I am down for some suggestions too! Hehe
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    Re: Help me name!

    I always have to wait and live with a dog for a while (usually a week, in the most recent case it took 3 weeks) to think of a name that actually fits that specific pup. Whenever I've picked a name in advance, it just didn't work out once I met the dog.

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    Re: Help me name!

    Thanks all, I will probably wait til I meet him though I'm pretty sure t'll be Yoshi

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    Re: Help me name!

    Maybe Nicky? Ninja or Nacho? Tyler or quinny
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