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Thread: Pix of Tuffy at 16 weeks

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    Pix of Tuffy at 16 weeks

    This will shock you; it shocked us . . . . and we live with the microscopic dog!

    I put Tuffy in the family room and closed the gate. Since he can walk between the 2.5" bars like they're nothing, we had improvised with cardboard. We figured it was ugly but effective. Wrong! He was able to escape through the largest crack--the one between the door and the rest of the gate. It is just 1.25" wide.

    Seeing is believing, so that's why I've included these pics. I never wanted to be in love with a teacup dog, but just look at his mischievous face . . . how can I help it?!
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    Re: Pix of Tuffy at 16 weeks

    Awww, She is very adorable.

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