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    So Cali has luxating patellas and we do have a supplement, however, getting her to eat it is a chore since I have to grind it up and mix it with cream cheese and spend awhile trying to get her to eat it.

    I had Glyco-Flex recommended to me and since I found bite-sized chews on Amazon (120 count) for $30, I'd like to give it a try. The reviews are great, describing changes in energy and mobility. Although Cali has yet to show any signs of pain or change in behaviour, we're going to start some dog sports/activities when the weather warms up and it's better to start now then later when problems start to arise.

    Just wondering if anyone else has used this supplement and what effects it had on your dog! I'm hoping Cali will eat it willingly and hopefully it'll keep her joints in good shape.

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    Re: Glyco-Flex

    The ingredients look pretty decent, but I've never tried that one personally. This is the one we use for my mom's ****er with bad joints:, almost always runs about $25 for 120 soft chews, despite what they claim the regular price is.

    It helps quite a bit with his stiffness, or at least it did until they started letting him get rather overweight once I moved out (*sigh*).

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