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Thread: Papillon Quirks

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    Re: Papillon Quirks

    It is a great breed, isn't it?!! LOL!!!

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    Red face Re: Papillon Quirks

    Quote Originally Posted by kellyk100rs View Post
    This is great topic.....Ok...Picasso my oldest boy is such a weirdo, where do I begin? I mentioned standing on his hind legs for long periods of time in my first post. I timed him once for over minute. I also mentioned him sitting on my shoulder like a parrot when I take him places to go inside a store and when I come home each day he runs at me and jumps into my arms and pretty much expects me to catch him whether I'm ready or not...I've learned to be ready! He does this "charging bull" thing where he will stand in front of you and scratches the ground with one front paw....this is usually followed by spinning around and chasing his tail...then reversing directions. He also does this "head flip" thing where he throws his head back and then from side to side. What's up with that? He will try to climb trees to get squirrels and I've had to pull him down from as high as 5 ft or so before. He will also try and climb ladders if you go up one first. I have to come back down and put him inside or he will keep trying. He likes to bite Po's tail like Ivy's girl and sometimes he will get a really good hold and start pulling Po backwards. Po really loves this! (not) I mentioned the growling noise he makes all the time. It will start low then at the end go up really high like a whimper. He also makes this other growling sound that sounds like he is under water which is followed by this kind of garbled noise like a mouth full of marbles...and then smacks his lip. The one that really surprises me is this almost human voice sound where I have to stop to see if someone is in my house. I think it's one of his yawning noises but I've never seen him do it in front of me. He constantly talks back at me like Ivy's dog but his default sound is more of a straight up growl almost every where he goes...all the time. And he has howled like a wolf but I've only seen him do this twice. He tells me when his water bowl is empty by scratching it but...he also now thinks if he does this he will get food too and tries to fake me out sometimes. When he wants something and I'm reading or not paying attention to him....he will come up very slowly to me and very delicately put his paw on my mouth or sometimes my forehead and just leave it there until I stop what I'm doing. When he wants something that Po has or wants his spot on the bed...he will run to the front room and bark and when Po come dashing around the corner to look out the window...he goes the opposite direction and steals Po's stuff. He loves to be held but gets really mad if you turn him on his back....not scared, mad! But my favorite thing that he does is to sit in my armpit when I'm in bed reading.....if you touch him at all with your hand he will get up and leave, but if you do nothing, he will sit curled up against you all night and never move. He also does this "vulture" thing where he will stand on my chest when I'm laying in bed and just stare at you....even when you make direct eye contact and not look away. I'll just stare at him and he stares right back until one of us moves. He's a complete and total Freak!! Probably the smartest and most entertaining dog I've ever owned.....better than cable!
    I was able to chuckle quietly enough until I got to the part about putting his paw on your face and holding it. Let's just say I'm getting the "you should feel bad about waking me up" look that follows a startled awake papillon. And I would LOVE to see his vulture stance if you're ever able to get a good picture. Also, I would love it if I could teach Ducky to jump into my arms- does he just get a running start? use your leg as a step? any suggestions would be great

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    Re: Papillon Quirks

    Ok, so Blossom is always jumping, but now she hardly does it, probably because she got spayed a couple days ago, but whenever we bent down to pet her, she'd jump, and hit our lower jaws and chin and make us bite our tongue. Ouch!
    She owns me. She acts like I'm some sort of throne to feast her butt upon. She sits on me, sleeps on me, jumps on me! Sometimes she will sit on my face, her butt fluff in my eyes, mouth and nose! Not a pleasant feeling, especially when she refuses to budge.
    When she licks me, she has a purpose, not just to lick me,but to suffocate me.
    She licks inside my nose, trying REALLY HARD to lick as far as her little doggy tongue can go, then when I open my mouth to breathe, she licks INSIDE my mouth. Also a not very pleasant feeling.
    Sometimes when grooming herself, much like a cat, she notices her back feet and chews on them. I mean CHEWS like they're about to kill her or something. Its not partial to one foot in particular either, both feet are equally abused by her ferocious teeth.
    When she was younger(3-5 months old) she would chase her tail. But in a very special and endearing way, if you ever saw it. She would stare at it, and then not spin around in circles, but instead grab it in her teeth, then roll and wobble all around the house, her prized tail in the clutches of her jaws.
    Blossom absolutely HATES lying on her back. When she sleeps, it's on her side or tummy.
    She sleeps with her front legs sticking out like twigs, completely stiff and strait, and if I try to roll her onto her back, she ATTACKS me, she bares her fangs and clutches my hand, giving me evil looks. My normally sweet puppy turns into a DEVIL if you dare roll her over.
    Last edited by Lunareclipse123455; 03-08-2015 at 04:57 PM. Reason: She has new quirks now XD

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    Re: Papillon Quirks

    I kind of just skimmed everything and decided to post a reply on my own x_x But Ginger dislikes anything that has wheels and moves fast (discounting cars, she loves cars... probably because she likes car rides). Like Motorcycles, bikes, or even children scooters. I have to hush her because I want to make sure that her barking is a no no but it's kind of an interesting quirk to have. Then again these bicyclists shouldn't be on the sidewalk and zoom past, I thought they are suppose to be off the sidewalk?

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    Re: Papillon Quirks

    Lucy has a whole bunch of quirks some amusing some not so much XD Not sure if this is a common papillon thing but she'll get up on her hind legs and walk a little distance when she follows both me and my fiancee'. She also will rub up against our legs like a cat. She's the type that wants attention when she wants it, but when she doesn't she's quick to let you know with a few choice looks. Recently though she has taken to sitting in our laps on and off. She's not much of a people person and isn't too keen on meeting new people. When she's in a affectionate mood if we aren't showing her enough attention she lets us know by growling playfully and demaning we love her right then and there XD She's a barker the littlest sound and we are knowing about it immeditely. I'm surprised our neighbors don't complain, the girl has some lungs on her!

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