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    Just getting started

    Hi. I am just getting started at looking for a breeder for these little guys and am having a hard time finding them. I have been talking to one breeder but would love to hear recommendations as well as questions to ask. Also, anything that I should definitely stay away from?

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    Re: Just getting started

    The Parent Breed club is a good place to start looking for breeders. Most network with each other, and if one doesn't have what you are looking for, maybe able to suggest another who does. If you find a breeder you really like in terms of their dogs and their own ethics and personality, good vibes, don't be put off by possibly being put on a waiting list. Paps have very small litters, and it may take a while for a pup to be available.
    Ask about health testing on the parents, see the parents (at least the mother, breeder may not own the father) and the conditions they are living in. What kind of temperaments do they have, I have known some that were shy that later blossomed with proper socializing, but fearful and snapping is never good. Play biting is one thing, though should not be encouraged, they won't understand why you get upset by it as they get older.
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